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Every property owner should invest in regular roof inspections for San Diego structures! An inspection alerts you to cracks and leaks, allowing you to schedule repairs before needed fixes become extensive and costly to address.

A residential or commercial roof inspection also alerts property owners to the need for upgraded materials. For example, if shingles are showing premature wear, they might not be the right choice for the area’s unpredictable weather and long, hot summers! A new metal roof, clay tiles, or other materials might offer the durability your structure’s roof needs.

A roof inspection report can also tell you if your structure’s roof is in good condition! You can then budget for expected repairs or replacement more accurately, or put your home on the market knowing you won’t face “lowball” offers due to roof damage.

To find out more about the benefits of regular roof inspections or to schedule your FREE, no-obligation consultation, give our trained roofing technicians a call today!

A contractor performing a roof inspection in San Diego.
New homes might need inspections and reroofing.

Does a New Property Need a San Diego Roof Inspection?

Even a newly constructed home or commercial building should have a roof inspection in San Diego! One reason to schedule regular inspections no matter your property’s age is that low-quality materials and installation can risk premature damage, including cracks and leaks.

Harsh weather and especially strong winds and hailstorms can also damage even the sturdiest roof and risk missing shingles, dented metal panels, and cracked clay tiles. Fallen tree branches and even pests such as squirrels and birds can also risk premature roof damage.

A free roof inspection alerts you to developing damage along your new roof and ensures you’re keeping it in good condition. An evaluation can also tell you if your roofer installed that roof properly or if you might be facing premature damage and future roofing service costs!

No matter your property’s age, it’s vital you invest in a metal, clay, or shingle roof inspection regularly! To find out more, give us a call today.

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Should You Buy a Home That Doesn’t Pass an Inspection?

If you’re interested in buying a home, you might feel somewhat heartbroken if it doesn’t pass a San Diego roof inspection! However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t purchase that home.

As with any other needed repairs, ensure you’ve gotten at least two or three quotes on needed roof fixes. Note if that roofing damage also means the home needs added repairs; for example, a roof leak can risk structural wood rot or mold growth.

Once you’ve assessed the cost of all those repairs, you can decide if the home is still a good purchase. Investing in needed roofing repairs can mean a solid roof overhead for decades and not having to worry about expensive repairs for many years to come.

If the home’s price is low enough to compensate for those needed fixes and if it offers all the other features you want in a new home, it might still be a worthwhile purchase for you and your family!

A San Diego roofing contractor.
A roofing contractor performing repairs.

How Much Should a San Diego Roof Inspection Cost?

Now that you know a San Diego roof inspection is vital for every property, you might be wondering about the cost! Some contractors will advertise a free inspection but actually, apply the inspection cost to needed repairs. In turn, that so-called free roof check isn’t really free!

Here at Professional Roofing San Diego, we offer truly FREE inspections. One of our trained technicians will examine your roof without charge, and prepare a full report as needed. He or she will then explain any signs of damage and needed repairs, and ensure your questions are fully answered.

We also offer roofing repair and new roof installation price quotes, also at no charge to you. All our work is fully warranted, and we put that guarantee in writing. If you’re still looking for “roof inspectors near me,” don’t hesitate to give us a call and get started with your truly FREE inspection and reroofing price quote.



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If you’re in the market for high-quality roof repairs or new roof installation, call the pros here at Professional Roofing San Diego. We offer a full catalog of roofing services, including residential and commercial repairs, new roof builds, and rubber roof coatings. We carry only the highest-quality, name brand materials with a proven track record of durability. To get started with your no-cost, no-obligation inspection and price quote, give us a call today.

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